Protect Yourself By Insuring Your Maintenance Payments

When a couple choose to divorce, it is very common for one of them to take custody of any children that have resulted from the marriage.

Though there are many exceptions, in a large proportion of cases it is the mother that takes custody of the children. In these cases, the courts often require the father of the children to make a monthly maintenance payment to the mother. Though there are many fathers who keep up their payments for as long as they are required to do so, there are many who are either unable to, or choose not to.

Whether it is due to unemployment, a new relationship, or ill feeling, when the payments stop things often get very difficult for the mother and the children she has care of.

In the past the only option available to the mother was to take legal action using divorce solicitors. In so many cases the financial cost of using professional divorce solicitors to pursue the father for maintenance payments has put an irrecoverable strain on the finances of the family. In many cases, the mother simply didn’t have the money to pursue the matter. This is unfair and something insurance companies are now trying to address.

Insurance to Cover Child Maintenance

Insurance companies have recently started offering insurance that protects mothers against stopped maintenance payments, for whatever reason. The insurance policies rely on the payment of a monthly premium. In return, the policy holder is entitled to make claims to cover maintenance payments for anything from 12 to 24 months. The insurance policy can be taken out by anyone with a legally binding consent order drawn out by their divorce solicitors.

Though the introduction of these policies may be welcomed by some mothers, there are many who simply won’t be able to afford it. With premiums starting at £16 per month, the outlay still asks a lot from the mother. If finances are tight, it is likely that a monthly outgoing like this will be one of the first things to go.

Another downside to these policies is that they might lower the level of responsibility felt by the partner making the maintenance payments. If they know that their children will be looked after by a payout from an insurance policy, they may be less inclined to keep up payments themselves.

Though these policies do have their failings, they will give mothers an option which doesn’t involve involving divorce solicitors. For mothers who can afford it, these insurance policies will provide some precious security.

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