How Will the Legal Aid Cuts Affect Children?

One of the most well publicised financial cuts that the UK government have proposed to reduce the financial deficit is to cut legal aid funding to various case types.

The types of cases that will be most directly affected will be those involving family law, immigration, clinical negligence and benefits. It is hoped that by withdrawing free legal aid for cases which fit into these categories, the government will be… Continue reading...

Legal Protection from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can leave victims feeling helpless and trapped.
Though it may not always be the complete solution, the law does offer victims a number of options to help them stay safe and free from abuse.

What Protection Does the Law Provide?

In most cases of domestic violence the best option is to apply for an injunction against your abuser through the civil courts. Under Part IV of the Family… Continue reading...

Government Commit to Referral Fee Ban on Personal Injury Claims

The ‘compensation culture’ in which we are said to live has been talked about for a long time. Though it was a policy designed to allow those who couldn’t afford it the legal help to pursue justice, the ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement has attracted a lot of negative press.

Though in some cases those making fraudulent claims are simply individuals wanting to make some easy money, in the vast… Continue reading...

‘Legal Separation’ Explained

If a couple are married and they decide that they no longer want to be with each other they have a number of options. Before going through the divorce process, many people choose to separate for a while. They may have many reasons for doing this. The most common is that they want to have some time apart to make sure that they no longer want to be together.

If… Continue reading...

3 Reasons to Give Mediation A Go

Earlier this year it became a legal necessity for all couples filing for divorce to undertake a mediation assessment.

This assessment is designed to determine whether all avenues of mediation have been properly pursued before a case goes through the courts.

One of the reasons the government gave for this legislation was that some family law solicitors weren’t giving mediation the attention it deserved.

Though it wasn’t made compulsory until… Continue reading...

Legal Issues Involving Children and Social Services in the UK

Social services have never been under more pressure.
With very little increase in their resources, children’s services are now expected to deal with up to 4 times the number of referrals as they were 5 years ago.

There are more children in the UK, more broken homes and more people ready to report suspected cases of mistreatment. For social services this makes things very difficult.

With this massive increase in… Continue reading...

The Tax Implications of Buying and Selling a Home in the UK

When buying or selling a home in the UK many people are unaware that they may need to pay a tax to the government. Depending on your own situation, this tax could be fairly substantial. Employing the service of a reputable conveyancing solicitor firm is very important when buying or selling.

To help you understand the tax implications of buying and selling a home in the UK we’ve put… Continue reading...

Should Co-habiting Couples Have More Protection?

With the number of marriages in the UK at an all time low, more couples are cohabiting than ever before. In many cases their lives are identical to couples who are married: they have a house which they both pay for, bills in both partners’ names and bank accounts which contain their joint income.

Though the day to day, practical elements of cohabiting couples can be almost identical to those… Continue reading...

Children’s Solicitors – Ensuring the Child’s Welfare Is #1 Priority

Though they don’t usually pursue legal litigation themselves, children do very frequently need representation. Children’s solicitors exist to ensure that they are properly represented.

Children are often the indirect victims of litigation. In many cases the focus naturally falls on their parents or guardians. If they aren’t actively represented, children often fall away into the background.

Children’s solicitors exist to ensure that children are properly represented in courts. Whether… Continue reading...

Social Media and Your Business – How to Keep Things Positive

Social media has changed the way people use the internet forever.
Sites like Twitter and Facebook are now among the most visited sites on the internet. Over half the UK population now use Facebook – and it’s still growing.

Businesses have been very quick to recognise the power of social media. Whether it’s to increase brand awareness, provide customer support or to drive sales, social media provides businesses with a… Continue reading...