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Key Factors in Executing an Estate

When a friend or relative dies it often falls to one person to deal with administering their estate. All too often this can become very stressful as things take much longer than many people realise. If you are faced with executing a will or are becoming impatient to find out what you have been left [...]

How to Safeguard Your Inheritance

The generation who are now approaching retirement age will have accrued more wealth than any generation before them. The majority of their working lives will have been during years of financial boom. As a result, their children will stand to inherit more than ever. Though this means that younger generations should generally be better off [...]

The Problem with Badly Written Wills

Many people see writing a will as a very unpleasant legal necessity. Though it can be depressing for the person writing it, it makes things much easier for those who are left behind. In the UK it isn’t a legal requirement for a will to be written by a legal professional. Though many people do [...]

Why Parents Are Unwilling To Leave Inheritance To Married Couples

In the past, parents have often chosen to give cash gifts or assets to their children. By giving these gifts before their death, parents not only see the fruits of their labour but also manage to avoid the 40% inheritance tax that their assets would otherwise have been subject to. Recently, a report by a [...]

Want To Leave Money To Charity In Your Will?

Leaving money to charity in your Will is a great way to support a cause you feel strongly about. It means that your chosen cause gets a lump sum which will be of great financial help to them. In addition to the financial benefits your gift will have for your chosen charity, you will also [...]

Clampdown On Extortionate Executors Of Wills

When people write a Will they often feel the need to use an executor. An executor is the person or company responsible for coordinating what happens to a person’s estate after they die. An executor will coordinate the accounts, writing of the Will, reading of the Will and any legal help that may be required. [...]

A Guide To Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is always in the news. Particularly during the run up to elections, the tax that you pay when you die is a hotly debated issue. The trouble with this constant debate is that it’s difficult to keep up with the recent changes. This article is intended to function as a basic guide to [...]

BBC2 Series Highlighting The Importance Of A Will

Most of us see writing a Will as one of those morbid pieces of paperwork that we will eventually get around to doing. Most of us won’t even think about making a will until we start to get old. Some women, confident in the knowledge that most wives outlive their husbands, don’t ever think about [...]

Why Should You Have A Will?

For most of us, a Will is something we only think of as we get old. As the end of our life approaches, we naturally think of those we leave behind. These days, it is very rare for younger people to have a Will. Admittedly, the chances of your life coming to an unexpected end [...]