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Prenuptial Agreements

Why Parents Are Unwilling To Leave Inheritance To Married Couples

In the past, parents have often chosen to give cash gifts or assets to their children. By giving these gifts before their death, parents not only see the fruits of their labour but also manage to avoid the 40% inheritance tax that their assets would otherwise have been subject to. Recently, a report by a [...]

Clampdown On Extortionate Executors Of Wills

When people write a Will they often feel the need to use an executor. An executor is the person or company responsible for coordinating what happens to a person’s estate after they die. An executor will coordinate the accounts, writing of the Will, reading of the Will and any legal help that may be required. [...]

Insurance Against Divorce?

Over the last few years prenuptial agreements have slowly been gaining weight in the UK courts. A recent case has led to a period of public consultation which is expected to result in the full recognition of prenuptial agreements in the UK legal system sometime in 2011. The recognition of prenuptial agreements marks a breakthrough [...]

Prenups Have More Weight Than Ever

Prenuptial agreements are being used by an increasing number of couples. What the couple choose to include in the agreement is up to them. Most commonly, it is designed to assure the financial future of both members of the marriage. Though prenuptial agreements have been used by couples for a long time, it is only [...]