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Government Commit to Referral Fee Ban on Personal Injury Claims

The ‘compensation culture’ in which we are said to live has been talked about for a long time. Though it was a policy designed to allow those who couldn’t afford it the legal help to pursue justice, the ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement has attracted a lot of negative press. Though in some cases those [...]

Personal Injury Claims – On The High Street!

Legal advice is now very easy to come by. 10 years ago, anyone wanting to get some legal advice would have had to seek out solicitors working for well established legal firms. In most cases, this advice would have ended up costing the person a lot of money. Today, if someone wants advice about making [...]

Potholes Leaving Councils Open To Personal Injury Claims

The last two winters have been especially harsh. The freezing temperatures, snow ploughs and increased traffic have all put an incredible strain on the UK road surfaces. One of the biggest problems caused by this type of weather is potholes. Potholes are caused by freeze / thaw conditions and can develop very quickly. This process [...]

Motor Insurers Pushed Towards Greater Transparency

Insurance is one of the greatest costs associated with running a car on UK roads. In some cases, the annual premiums paid to insurance companies end up being more than the value of the car they are designed to insure.   Though it does seem to be a very expensive necessity, it is difficult to [...]