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Prenuptial Agreements in the UK Carry More Weight than Ever

Couples have been making prenuptial agreements for a long time. These agreements are most commonly made by those who have significant personal financial assets which they are keen to maintain should their marriage fail. Though the prenuptial agreement was often drawn out with the help of professional divorce solicitors, they were by no means legally [...]

‘Legal Separation’ Explained

If a couple are married and they decide that they no longer want to be with each other they have a number of options. Before going through the divorce process, many people choose to separate for a while. They may have many reasons for doing this. The most common is that they want to have [...]

Why Parents Are Unwilling To Leave Inheritance To Married Couples

In the past, parents have often chosen to give cash gifts or assets to their children. By giving these gifts before their death, parents not only see the fruits of their labour but also manage to avoid the 40% inheritance tax that their assets would otherwise have been subject to. Recently, a report by a [...]

Child Custody: A Basic Guide

Child custody is one of the most commonly disputed issues relating to family law. For whatever reason, parents far too regularly have to use the courts to decide who is best suited to looking after their children. Deciding who is to hold legal custody of a child is a very important factor in the child’s [...]

Family Law – Where Do Grandparents Stand?

Having grandchildren is something we all look forward to as we get older. For many, their grandchildren define the later years of their lives. They can bring families closer together and bring an enormous amount of joy. Unfortunately, with an increasing number of marriages ending in divorce and many more children being born outside of [...]

Divorce Service or Divorce Solicitor?

A quick search on the internet will quickly show the many different ways to go about getting a divorce. Given that 1 in 3 marriages end this way, it isn’t surprising that people have tried to cash in on society’s need for what can be a very simple process. Divorce Services In response to the [...]