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Employment Law

Employees Rights – A Guide For Employers

Over the last 10 years there have been lots of changes in the rights of employees. These rights are wide ranging and change on a regular basis. As an employer, keeping up with your legal duties can be both challenging and confusing. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that all your employees [...]

What Constitutes A Frivolous Claim?

The UK is famous for its, so called ‘compensation culture’. When looking at the figures for compensation claims in any of the last 5 years, it is understandable why. Recent figures highlight the problem even further. Last year the UK taxpayer had to pay £27 million in compensation just in payouts to public sector workers. [...]

What’s Your Work Status?

When trying to understand your employment rights, you first need to understand your employment status. There are many different types of employment status and each comes with its own rights and responsibilities. The main three types of employment status are that of an employer, an employee and someone who is self employed. Employer, Employee or [...]

Parents To Be Given More Options

Recently, the new government has submitted proposals to drastically change the maternity and paternity leave systems in the UK. The Current System At the moment, mothers are eligible to take up to one year off work as maternity leave when they have a child. The first 6 weeks of this maternity leave is paid at [...]

The Cost Of Complying To Employment Law

There are currently just under 5 million small businesses in the UK. This means that well over half of the UK population are now employed by small businesses. Despite this critical role that small businesses play in the UK economy, their views and interests are rarely acted upon by governments. At a time when small [...]

How To Resolve A Problem In The Workplace

It is very likely that at some point in our working lives we will all experience some form of problem in the workplace. How we deal with these problems is very important. Try And Sort It Out Yourself The easiest option if you have a grievance with your employer – or with an employee under [...]