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Cohabitation Agreements

Co-Habitation Agreements: Letting You Take Control

Married couples are afforded a certain amount of protection through the UK legal system. They are automatically entitled to a certain amount of their spouse’s assets if their spouse dies without leaving a will as well as being entitled to a fair settlement if the marriage should ever come to an end. For couples who [...]

Should Co-habiting Couples Have More Protection?

With the number of marriages in the UK at an all time low, more couples are cohabiting than ever before. In many cases their lives are identical to couples who are married: they have a house which they both pay for, bills in both partners’ names and bank accounts which contain their joint income. Though [...]

Cohabitation – Preparing For The Unexpected

More couples are living together without getting married than ever before. People can choose not to get married to their long term partners for a whole range of different reasons. When cohabiting, couples may own a house together, split all the bills and jointly own all their possessions. Despite its similarities with married life, in [...]