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Children’s Law

Protect Yourself By Insuring Your Maintenance Payments

When a couple choose to divorce, it is very common for one of them to take custody of any children that have resulted from the marriage. Though there are many exceptions, in a large proportion of cases it is the mother that takes custody of the children. In these cases, the courts often require the [...]

How Will the Legal Aid Cuts Affect Children?

One of the most well publicised financial cuts that the UK government have proposed to reduce the financial deficit is to cut legal aid funding to various case types. The types of cases that will be most directly affected will be those involving family law, immigration, clinical negligence and benefits. It is hoped that by [...]

Legal Issues Involving Children and Social Services in the UK

Social services have never been under more pressure. With very little increase in their resources, children’s services are now expected to deal with up to 4 times the number of referrals as they were 5 years ago. There are more children in the UK, more broken homes and more people ready to report suspected cases [...]

Children’s Solicitors – Ensuring the Child’s Welfare Is #1 Priority

Though they don’t usually pursue legal litigation themselves, children do very frequently need representation. Children’s solicitors exist to ensure that they are properly represented. Children are often the indirect victims of litigation. In many cases the focus naturally falls on their parents or guardians. If they aren’t actively represented, children often fall away into the [...]

Understanding Age Limits

Age features heavily in children’s law. As a child, each year allows us to do a little more. We all know that at 17 we can learn to drive a car, we know that we can’t drink alcohol until we are over 18, we know that a film rated 15 is only suitable for people [...]